KLEENĀ® Eko Fortifier - Organic Whey Protein Cacao/Vanilla

KLEENĀ® Eko Fortifier - Organic Whey Protein Cacao/Vanilla

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EkoĀ Fortifier is a 100% organic whey protein from free roaming cows in the Austrian alps. flavord with strawberry and bourbon vanilla from Madagaskar. with a pinch of organic coconut blossom sugar to round up the flavour. eko fortifier what your muscles needs and nothing else!

  • Easy to digest whey protein.Ā 
  • Organic real food ingredients.Ā 
  • No additives only the good stuff!

750g/25 serving

Ingredients: Organic whey protein concentrate (milk) (87%), organic coconut blossom sugar, organic fat-reduced cocoa powder (4%), natural chocolate flavour, Bourbon vanilla powder.

Nutritional factsĀ 100 g | serving 30g
Energi:Ā 1694kj/404kcal | 508kj/121kcal
Protein:Ā 71gĀ | 21g
Fat:Ā 4g | 1g
Saturated fat: 3g | 1g
Carbohydrates:Ā 20g | 6g
of which is sugar: Ā 19g | 5g
Fibres:Ā 0g | 0g
Salt:Ā 2,5mg | 0,63g

SUGGESTED USE Mix one scoop or two full table spoons (30 grams) of Eko Fortifier organic whey protein powder with 250 ml water or milk and shake until you have a nice and creamy shake. The best time of consumption is directly after physical exercise. Eko Fortifier organic whey protein is perfect for muscle recovery, muscle growth and maintenance of muscle mass. You can also take 1-3 shakes per day to compliment your daily diet.